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Tahoe Trash Pick Up Challenge

September 1 - 30th 

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Busy summers come with lots of litter. Help us keep the Tahoe that we love clean by participating in Tahoe's Trash Pickup Challenge all September long! You can join us at our in-person events, cleanup remotely or do both. 

Every Saturday in September is a cleanup day. Join us by tidying up in your neighborhood, local happy place or one of the litter hot spots listed in the signup form. If Saturdays don’t jive with your calendar, don't let that stop you! You can clean up any day, any time. 

Our month-long quest for a clean Tahoe culminates on Saturday, September 26 with one final push. This will be a physically distanced, RSVP-only cleanup event, where we will remove trash from various waterways in South Lake Tahoe in honor of the Great Sierra River Cleanup and CA Coastal Cleanup Day. Join us!

Sign up here to let us know when you will be joining, select your “hot spot” cleanup location and if you would like to borrow cleanup supplies from one of our three pickup locations. 

Want to double the impact of your efforts? Report what you find while cleaning up using the Litter and Trash Report on the Citizen Science App (free to download at or by using a data card (provided in the cleanup kits or downloading it here) and either drop it off to the location you borrowed cleanup supplies from or email it to with a subject of "Trashy Photo". 

Enter our Tahoe’s Trash Pickup Challenge raffle by submitting data from your cleanup, or by emailing a photo of the litter you find to The more data and photos you submit the more entries you get. We will select winners at the end of the month. Below are the photo categories. See our full raffle terms and conditions here. We have lots of awesome prizes, including a snowboard from Tahoe’s own Olympian Jamie Anderson! 

Photo challenge categories to be entered into our raffle at the end of the month.

1)     Best before and after

2)     Most single-use items collected

3)     Most unusual item collected

Post your trashy photos for all to see here on our Facebook event page 

This event is hosted by Clean TahoeIncline Village Waste NotJamie Anderson Foundation and the League to Save Lake Tahoe.

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