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Litter Removal 

Our business is picking up!

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Since 1988, Clean Tahoe has provided litter cleanup service to the City of South Lake Tahoe and El Dorado County.  We have two field crew workers who drive regularly scheduled routes throughout our neighborhoods and remove visible litter and illegally dumped items. In all, we clean more than 350 miles of public thoroughfares. We also respond to numerous calls each day from citizens reporting illegally dumped items and animal-in-trash incidents.


We strive to educate residents and visitors about the importance of proper trash containment and ensuring local wildlife cannot access trash.  When our field crew encounters a trash ordinance violation, we clean up any litter or debris in the area and we also issue a Courtesy Notice or Warning, where we inform the property owner about the incident and what needs to be done to remedy the situation.  Common problems include: evidence of animal access to trash, overflowing dumpsters, improperly secured garbage, and furniture or other bulk items left out in view.  


The Clean Tahoe field crew is also responsible for servicing certain trash and recycle cans throughout the community, and Clean Tahoe was instrumental in pursuing a grant which allowed the City of South Lake Tahoe to install bear-resistant trash and recycle cans at bus stops and other public locations throughout the City.


Over the years, Clean Tahoe has won a number of awards for our service to the community.  Most recently, we were awarded the State of California Department of Transportation’s Adopt-a-Highway Volunteer of the Year award in 2017 (and in 2012).  Our Field Supervisor, Jeff Pollitt, was awarded the Tahoe Chamber 2017 Blue Ribbon Award for Best Customer Service from a Public Agency. In addition, Clean Tahoe won the 2013 Tahoe Chamber Blue Ribbon Honorable Mention Award in the Green Business category.

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